Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We're Through The Looking Glass Here People

 The deeper I get into this course, the more it becomes apparent that any outside activies (or, to apply an analogy from school ie: concentration to lack of = voltage drops across resistors) are going to have to drop to a minimum for me to get the most out of it.


Thankfully, Mr. Rorshach Redemption has provided me with an amazingly helpful study too so far. Some of you may have caught it in his comment in the "School's In" post about using something called Simply Noise. I went and checked it out, and have made excellent use of it so far. With 2 screaming children living up above me (who feel the necessity to scream randomly at the top of their lungs, or randomly drop massively heavy objects on the floor) this has become an amazingly essential tool for me. While listening to music while study, I end up digressing much like I talked about in the last post. Here's an example:

The difference between a circuit breaker and a fuse is that a circuit breaker is a party in the u-s-aaaa, yeahheahhhheaheah it's a party in the u-s-aaaa!!!
This is in my brain

 Not entirely productive or helpful, and sure does make for some interesting answers during next mornings quiz. Simply Noise effectively blocks out screaming kids, catchy tunes, and any other outside noise and has allowed me to concentrate and retain more. Thanks for that, sir.

In any case, posts are going to be few and far between from me. I'll do my best to update where I can (so far I'm doing good, the alternator my classmate and I rebuilt today performed great, and daily quizzes have more often than not been in the 90s) but it will be sporadic. Stay frosty, friends.


  1. I'll keep coming anytime you write.....life should come first anyways.

  2. I whish I knew that techniqhe back in the dayz :/

  3. Great advice. I usually listen to ambient music while writing.

  4. Frostyness engaged. Isn't that web site a life saver?
    Fortunately the blogger Dashboard will alert us to when you post again. Depending on what side of the glass you are on.

    I remember when I needed to buckle down and get some work done the party in the u-s-aaaa, yeahheahhhheaheah it's a party in the u-s-aaaa!!!

  5. Party in the USA... gaaawwwwd noooo....

  6. Although assaild with fortune fierce and keen, Following!

  7. Ooh, that white noise thing is pretty clever. Currently, since it is BRRRRRRRRR cold in the house and we aren't cranking the heat on the thermostat, I just haul around a little space heater with me and the fan on that provides the white noise I need to not go insane.

  8. I like the variety in your pictures used!