About Me

There are those who call me... N.John.

Actually, no one does. It's my nome de plume for this blog. You may call me that, or Nate. I'm 29, currently living just outside Vancouver, BC in Canada. I have 3 cats, and a wife. I had a job, but back in August I was laid off, and ever since then I've been searching.

I am currently in my 3rd year as a Heavy Duty Mechanic's Apprentice. I have 2 more levels to complete in class at 6 weeks each, then (if I pass the Interprovincial) I will be a certified Heavy Duty Mechanic, with Interprovincial Red Seal designation.

I've never had a blog before, I started this to occupy my empty days. When not here, I play hockey. I love movies, and all kinds of music. I also have a passion for photography, though my lack of training shows in a lot of my shots.