Friday, October 29, 2010

Rant, Then Pictures!

I'm very glad I'll be leaving for school in just over a week, and not have to think about looking for a job right now. Even more glad that on the back end of school I'll be more desirable to employ. Lately I've been getting very annoyed however, and it goes back to what I was talking about before.

Even though I'm not actively searching out a position right now, I still browse craigslist and Canada Job Bank daily to see what's being posted, in case I miss any possible opportunities. Well, there are 2 companies who continue to pop up in these ads. One of them is a company I had an interview at. They never got back to me to say why I didn't get the job, but the general feeling (based on a comment by the man I was interviewing with) was that it was because I was still a mid level apprentice. What grinds my gears though, is that they still continue to post for a position there, and the ad states that they want someone with 2 years to less than 3 years experience. How is it possible to have a journeyman with 2 years to less than 3 years experience? I have 5 years experience so far. Aggravating, to say the least. I feel like applying there when I'm done school, then ignoring them. Immature? Yes. Pics!

These are a couple of the shots I got while we were at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

He is their favourite guy. You can see it in their faces.

 Snow leopard cub, can't remember how old they were, but this one was hunting his sibling who had the soccer ball.

Bengal Tiger.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Mouthwash Incident

 The other night, my wife and I were enjoying a nice bottle of cheap wine and chatting. As it grew late, and the wine disappeared, my wife decided to use my mouthwash before bed. I keep it on the top shelf in the bathroom (no real reason, it just fits up there) and she couldn't reach it. I went it to take it down for her, and watched in horror as she popped the cap off and swigged right from the bottle.

I screamed in horror "YOU FREE POUR MOUTHWASH? You can't do that! You have to measure it!" This was probably not the best thing to exclaim to somebody with a mouth full of liquid, in fact, you should never exclaim anything at anyone with a mouthfull of liquid. Let's make that a rule. Anyway, she started to giggle as she swished it around in her mouth. I decided it was best if I left the area, partly to decompress the humour of the situation but also to protect myself. But I had to at least hang around. After a few seconds, her laughter slowed and ceased. We were in the clear.

Or so I thought.

About 5 seconds after stopping laughing, apparently it all came crashing back, because that's exactly what the mouthwash did; all over my shelf, clean toilet, and finally floor. She busted out laughing, asking me what the hell free pouring mouthwash is exactly. I explained to her that the cap has marks inside it to accurately measure out how much you should have in your mouth, and that it's irresponsible to just ignore it and go right from the bottle. Well she couldn't stop laughing, and I couldn't seem to get my point across.

So I put it to you, fellow bloggies. Do you measure out in the cap, or do you chug from the bottle? Side question, do you count to 30 in your head and then spit, or just free time it?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Days Ahead

Good Morning everyone. I apologize for the lack of posting lately. I've been fairly busy lately prepping for school (now only a week and a half away, wee) and taking care of some things around the homestead. Hope I didn't miss too much.

So it's Halloween in a few days. I love this time of year. We all get to indulge a little and go back to our youths and play dress up, eat poorly, and drink up a storm! Enough about my toddler years, though. Halloween had a revival for me in the last couple years. I didn't really do a whole lot for it for a long time, but last year brought me back. Last year Halloween fell on a Saturday which was perfect, and playing in Vancouver at that time was Evil Dead: The Musical. We managed to get tickets for the early show Halloween night, great seats in what was called "the splatter zone." This was an area of about the first 5 rows, where during a blood bath ending to the play itself, blood was sprayed at the audience from the stage, from jets above the stage, and from the actors walking out into the crowd down the aisles. The amount of blood sprayed on the crowd apparently was in the range of about 15 gallons or so per show. Wife and I went dressed up as an unfortunate bride and groom who'd had a bit of a falling out on our honeymoon, ending with me with a screwdriver in my head, and her with gaping neck wounds. We did ourselves up very well, knowing that by the end of the show, our costumes would be 100x better.

Here is where we were sitting, after the show.

 And our completed costumes. As you can see, both our laps got quite a drenching. I actually turned my face upward at one point! Totally awesome.

The show itself was hilarious, we loved it. I would have seen it again if I could. If it's in your area, I highly suggest checking it out. It's a great time. For a list of upcoming shows, check out their website:

Since the show was downtown, we basically just left the theatre and joined the party. Next door to the theatre was a pub, so we went in there and had a few drinks and mingled with other halloween partyers. Then we went outside and just kinda walked around. There were hundreds of people downtown that night on Granville, and the costumes walking around were fantastic. We had our picture taken about a hundred times with people who loved our getup. Great fun. This year won't come close, but we're gonna try!