Monday, November 29, 2010

What Happened To The Other 6 Points?

Once in 3rd grade, I got a 96 on my spelling test, highest mark in the class, I was so proud. I brought it home to show my dad, "What happened to the other 4 points?" he says.        FUCK YOU, FUCK. YOU.

Love the Sopranos. Anyway, we had our mid-term exam on Friday, covering everything from the first 3 weeks (Electrical, Charging Systems, Starting Systems, Emissions, Ignition Systems) and I got a 94. Highest mark in the class. Luckily for me, unlike this guy, the reception I got for this mark was a bit better than he got. Which is great, because I don't want to end up in a state hospital with an aging mobster for a friend.

3 more weeks to go now, the last 3 concentrating on diesel fuel systems. It's going to get tougher now. On the flipside, I've gotten 2 interesting calls in the last couple weeks. One from an prospective employer who is going to interview me in a week or so, and one from an ex employer who would like to have me back. Kickass, takes a bit of the pressure off.

It's also been raging cold up here, with snow. It got down to -25C there for a while (-13F for my American friends) and that ... well it sucked. I couldn't regulate the temperature of my feet, and my truck was really not interested in starting in the morning.


  1. Did you look for those points under your shoe?

    -13F?!? Daaaaaamn.

  2. -25C ???? how can you live like that?!?! xD

  3. Well, I for one want to know what happened to the other 6 points.