Monday, January 3, 2011

Hay Guise!


Long time no type. It was a long 6 weeks at school, and a hectic Christmas/New Years. I hope you're all doing well and survived, and are well on your way to keeping up with your resolutions. Right? Yeah! Right then.

Last day of school was our final exam, which covered the previous 3 weeks of school. It was easily the toughest 3 weeks I've spent during my 3 levels of training thus far. It covered mechanical fuel systems, and electronic fuel systems. How can you cover all of that in 3 weeks? Well, you can't really. The program needs to be extended by at least 2 weeks to really get into all of it thoroughly enough. There also needs to be a good curriculum shuffle to edit out some of these systems we don't see anymore (Cummins PT Fuel System anyone?).

All in all it was a good 6 weeks, and though I didn't do as well as I'd hoped on the last exam, my first exam mark carried me well enough. I got my transcript from the ITA a couple weeks ago, and came through with an 88. Now I'm a 4th year apprentice, and have only one more level to go before I'm a red seal certified journeyman.

Should have just gotten one of these. Problem solved.
Had some fun when I got back, my computer died. The power supply crapped the bed, and subsequently fried my motherboard. Smelled great. I hadn't realized the mobo was done until I plugged in the new power supply, turned the switch on the back of it to on, and all the case fans came on full power. Hmm. That's not supposed to happen. Anyway, inspected the mobo and found the fried spots. Can't miss em once you notice them. I went and got a new one today, installed it and connected everything, and we're good to go. Slightly better performance now too which is nice, able to use the RAM I had, same chip etc. Working nicely.

How was everyones holiday? Good I hope, and look forward to being more updated with
To work on things like THIS
my blog from now on. I'm getting closer to employment, I had a meeting with a company after Christmas, and they've said they will take me on after the post-Christmas slowdown. Let's hope that pans out.

Till next time folks!


  1. And here I was about to disregard you completely! I love the smell of burnt hardware in the morning.

    You seem like a busy bee; on your way to journeyman!

  2. Hey Man. Its been awhile.
    Canada goes for Gold tomorrow!
    Whipped dat USA butt!