Thursday, June 30, 2011

Robert Who?

Aloha, fellow interwebbers. Long time no post but, alas, the local sports team decided to make a run for the championship and I was indisposed for much of the spring (beer and couch and tv, bitches!)

I'm sure by now most of you, being the savvy internet users I know you to be, are aware of the existence of quite possibly the greatest action figure of our time. Many of you may be thinking "hell yeah, Bumblebee!" Others may quickly see images of Vanilla Ice, in all his vanillic and icy glory. Well you're both wrong! Allow me to introduce, those of you as yet unaware, Robert Cop.

Your move, weirdo!

It seems as though, in the land of cheap foreign knock-off action figures, this is about as great as it gets. We've all seen Spader-Man and Specialman, and while those are great in their own right, the names given them are still fairly true to the original (that being Spider Man and Superman for those uh... unfamiliar). So what sets Robert Cop apart from the pack? Well, I think the answer is obvious!

Bent gun is bent
Now we can expect a certain low level of quality when it comes to asian knock-offs, and it's evident here. I'm not even sure if his joints move. But clearly the strangest part of this particular figure is the name. Why Robert Cop? Of the many hundreds of words our friends overseas could have used to only slightly plagiarize (slightly..) RoboCop, why did they decide to change Robo and then, why ROBERT?

Robo man. Robo Detective. RoboPoliceman, RoboNarc, Robobotcop, all of these are much more in tune with the idea of the character. Even PeterCop would have been better considering the actor (Peter Weller).

Thankfully for us, Robert Cop won the naming contest, and has spawned even a few tribute videos on Youtube.

That's our Robert Cop!

(credit to Youtuber DrNuyenVanFaulk and flightrisker for the brilliance in editing here)

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