Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Days Ahead

Good Morning everyone. I apologize for the lack of posting lately. I've been fairly busy lately prepping for school (now only a week and a half away, wee) and taking care of some things around the homestead. Hope I didn't miss too much.

So it's Halloween in a few days. I love this time of year. We all get to indulge a little and go back to our youths and play dress up, eat poorly, and drink up a storm! Enough about my toddler years, though. Halloween had a revival for me in the last couple years. I didn't really do a whole lot for it for a long time, but last year brought me back. Last year Halloween fell on a Saturday which was perfect, and playing in Vancouver at that time was Evil Dead: The Musical. We managed to get tickets for the early show Halloween night, great seats in what was called "the splatter zone." This was an area of about the first 5 rows, where during a blood bath ending to the play itself, blood was sprayed at the audience from the stage, from jets above the stage, and from the actors walking out into the crowd down the aisles. The amount of blood sprayed on the crowd apparently was in the range of about 15 gallons or so per show. Wife and I went dressed up as an unfortunate bride and groom who'd had a bit of a falling out on our honeymoon, ending with me with a screwdriver in my head, and her with gaping neck wounds. We did ourselves up very well, knowing that by the end of the show, our costumes would be 100x better.

Here is where we were sitting, after the show.

 And our completed costumes. As you can see, both our laps got quite a drenching. I actually turned my face upward at one point! Totally awesome.

The show itself was hilarious, we loved it. I would have seen it again if I could. If it's in your area, I highly suggest checking it out. It's a great time. For a list of upcoming shows, check out their website:

Since the show was downtown, we basically just left the theatre and joined the party. Next door to the theatre was a pub, so we went in there and had a few drinks and mingled with other halloween partyers. Then we went outside and just kinda walked around. There were hundreds of people downtown that night on Granville, and the costumes walking around were fantastic. We had our picture taken about a hundred times with people who loved our getup. Great fun. This year won't come close, but we're gonna try!