Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Pics

Here are our costumes from Halloween. We ended up going over to a friends house with our other friend kmad. He was dressed as a grunge character, we dubbed him Chris Cornell. He spent the night being sad and angsty about most things, including the rain, as it tortured his soul.

This is me. I was a dead. Basically re-used the costume from last year to get more legs out of it. Suit was a prime find at the Salvation Army. $12! We made it into a tux type deal. Wife did the make-up, I did the blood.

 While we were walking downtown to a bus stop, I was stopped a few times for pictures with people who didn't speak english. Cool!

 Wife went as Cleopatra. Her dress looked great (a recycle from last year also, minus the amounts of blood) and her makeup was great.

Had a fun time this year, hope to maybe get to zomBcon next year :)

What's the best costume you guys saw this year?