Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Getting back to what I was talking about last post (being an apprentice and thus being looked over), that certain employer who told me they'd be looking for people in a month or 2 had a posting up today. The ad almost covered everything that I have in terms of qualifications; electrical troubleshooting, basic computer skills, good communication skills, ability to work in a team blah blah. They want someone with 5 years experience, I have 4. It mentions nothing in the ad itself about requiring a journeyman or not, just 5 years experience with diesel, hydraulics, etc.

So I fired off yet another resume to them with a cover letter, explaining why I am everything they need and more. Will it come to anything? Probably not, that nasty word "apprentice" is still attached to me which, no matter how well I fit into their requirements, will get me looked over. Maybe I'm being pessimistic since it's only been a few hours since I sent it off, but if I fit what they were looking for, they have my resume already. Twice.

The other employer I mentioned I had the interview with did not contact me today. Here's hoping for tomorrow...


  1. Good luck with your interviews :)

  2. Hope for the best... It's only 1 year difference...

  3. haha i dig the picture. and keep on looking forward. one day at a time. things will fall into place eventually!

  4. hahah tennis is fun and apparently funny